Help you keep all your popular web chat data, store it locally or upload your chat logs and manage them online. It can also be used as a chat monitoring tool.

Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X.

How to start?
1. To start recording web chat from this browser, you just need to click the "Install" button on the right to install myWebChat extension on this browser.
2. Then create a user account by clicking the "Signup" button on the right.
3. After that, you can login to view your web chat log and change the settings here.

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Currently supported web chat:

1. Monitor gmail chat.

2. Monitor google plus chat.

Monitor facebook chat and facebook messages.
(including secure browsing using https)

Monitor hotmail/live chat.
(including secure browsing using https)

We'll add support to other popular web chat later on.

Feel free to contact us on any questions, issues or suggestions, thank you!

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Currently supported web browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Update history:
2013-11-12, Version (IE) Support IE 11, compatible with Windows 8.1, installer improved.
2013-11-11, Added to Google web store and Firefox add-on store.
2013-06-24, Version (Firefox, Chrome) Bug fix for upload chat and chat monitor stop working after upload issue.
2013-05-23, server side script update, support monitor new google Hangouts chat now!
2013-05-23, Version (Installer, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari), support latest hotmail/live/outlook web chat update, support new google Hangouts chat.
2013-03-18, server side script update, support monitor facebook message now!
2013-03-10, Version (Installer, Firefox), support the new hotmail/live/outlook web chat; installer improved; support latest Firefox update.
2012-12-22, Version (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari), support latest updates of facebook chat, monitoring performance inproved.
2012-11-30, Version (Safari), support latest version of Safari now on both MacOS and Windows.
2012-11-01, Version (Chrome, Firefox, IE), support latest update of google plus chat.
Version (Chrome, Firefox, IE), 2012-8-27, fix some chat log upload issues.
Version (IE), 2012-8-11, support latest Chrome and Firefox browser, installer improved, stability improved.
Version (IE), 2012-8-08, IE extension support 64 bit Internet Explorer now.